Thursday, 29 October 2015

Online Network Marketing Training Tip - Are you LEADING by EXAMPLE?

The #AskLalonde Show Episode 9 - Online Network Marketing Training Tip:

How are you as a leader?

Are you really leading by example or just telling people what to do?

What does leading by example mean anyways?

It means that you MUST do the “thing” yourself BEFORE teaching it to your team.

If you ask your team to make a list and call that list, then YOU need to make a list and call that list.

If you ask your team to approach strangers with a “pitch”, then YOU need to approach strangers with a “pitch”.

Get it?

Don’t ask your team to do something that you are not doing yourself!

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Who is Marc M. Lalonde (aka

Marc M. Lalonde is a Network Marketer that Generates Leads Online.

What makes Marc Lalonde credible to give Network Marketing (MLM) advice?

Is Marc Lalonde qualified to give MLM Reviews?

Why would you listen to The Wealthy Trainer?

Simply put, because Marc is a Network Marketing Professional that currently generates between 100 and 300 Leads Online Every Single Day.

Marc also recruits up to FIVE new members into his primary Network Marketing (MLM) Every Single Day!

How has Marc reached these incredible goals in less than one year (when he knew absolutely nothing about online marketing)?

Marc closely followed his Mentors and Leaders such as Eric Worre, David Wood, Ray Higdon, Lawrence Tam, Rob Fore, Michelle and Bill Pescosolido, Randy Gage and Todd Falcone... just to name a few.

Marc has also used MLSP (My Lead System Pro) to reach these levels in record time.

Here is some proof of Marc's results:


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Included here are screenshots of the MLSP (My Lead System Pro) back-office Leader Boards to show you that Marc Lalonde has climbed to these number one spots while only being involved with MLSP (My Lead System Pro) for a couple of months...

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